My Spy (2020)


My Spy

I can’t recall the last time a film had so many release date switches. Now with the coronavirus pandemic which is absolutely ruining everything for everyone this has been switched to Amazon for release. After watching it, its not unlike anything we’ve seen before in terms of a film where a brute character befriends a kid. Its a good thing that My Spy was interesting enough to get by and is further proof that Batista works as a comedic lead.

The film is about a CIA agent who camps in an apartment building to monitor a mother and her young daughter’s safety. Things go wrong and the agent is discovered by the kid. She bargains with him to use him for favors she needs and in return she will keep his identity secret. This also includes trying to romantically link the agent with her mother. However, he has to be careful not to comprise his mission and create a conflict of interest.

The film has problems in storyline and isn’t very believable. A CIA agent falling for the target he is protecting? Not believable. I think Batista works in comedic films. I had a lot of fun with Stuber. This one has much less comedy. Its not always funny but it remains consistently entertaining. The plot issues especially when the main villain comes around make it predictable and messy but in a time where there are literally no new movies coming out I will take what I can get.

Overall, its a film where nothing new happens and is predictable. However, in a time of very little going on it works to kill time and further shows that Batista (much like other former professional wrestlers) might have a good time in the film industry. Its pretty unfortunate what happened with releasing this film. They should have just done it as early as possible.



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