The Platform (2020)


The Platform

Had it not been for being on quarantine and bored at home, I would have never checked this gem out. I find this especially relevant at a time like this where crazy and selfish people are hoarding things that are needed for vulnerable and less fortunate people. The timing for this to release could not have been better. While the ending was a little disappointing and could have been better, I found the concept of this to be extremely creative and it was amazing for 3 quarters of the film.

The film is in a dystopian world where members in a prison like facility live in small rooms, two per rooms for hundreds of floors. Each member is allowed to bring one thing with them. The main thing about this facility is gourmet food that is given for two minutes to each platform. The lower you are on a platform the more scraps you eat. Say, if you are on level 33 you are eating whatever is left from what others ate above you. If you are on a lower level in the hundreds, there is no chance of food for you and you have to find out what to do (cannibalism) to survive the month until you are re-assigned.

It was hard to describe what this film is about very well because the plot is so creative. It reminded me a bit of Cube, which was also very enjoyable. The lesson here is probably that a dish that every participant wanted is made, probably daily. If everyone just ate that dish or rationed then there would be enough for everybody. Alas, this isn’t the way that humanity works and the lead actor tries to get everyone to act to help others. This films delivery is excellent for most of it, until the end where I feel like the ending could have been better.

The film is really violent at times and it won’t be for people who can’t stomach the gore. There’s messages here and the filmmaker makes it quite obvious but its a hell of a journey in a small scale setting. Its acted and shot very well as well. This is a real streaming service gem that I really enjoyed and I hope that others will check it out too. I’d like to see more worthy content like this come out.



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