Bloodshot (2020)



Quarantine days still continue. I still foresee this to be a time where movie releases are completely halted or graciously released on digital early. During this painful time, there’s gonna be more re-watching of old films than new. Well its a good thing they released Bloodshot on digital early, its the least they could have done with theaters shutting down statewide. I wasn’t particularly interested in this film because a Vin Diesel vehicle induces headaches but quarantine days. So, I will say this film starts off okay but then has too many loud action sequences and never really has an interesting enough premise for you to care for it.

The film is about a marine who lives happily with his girl until he and his wife are killed. He is then resurrected by an agency that wants to put him into military and combat situations and use him as a weapon. He is upgraded and enhanced to become a super human soldier that makes him a key asset in battle. However, there is more than meets the eye and there are hidden agendas a foot as the marines quest for revenge is not all its built up to be.

Well if you like Vin Diesel led action films, this may be your cup of tea. I’m kind of over the days of XxX and Riddick and especially over the Fast and Furious series. The film has generic action sequences and a plot that doesn’t really give it much to go on. They try to throw in twists that you see coming from a mile away. This borrows elements from a few films around at the moment and never really kicks itself into the gear that you want it to. Hey, at least you get to see Eiza Gonzalez who I really like.

Can’t complain too much because there will be nothing new to watch for a long time so at least I got to see this in the comfort of my own home. Its instantly forgettable and drags along despite some fleeting good moments which happen in the first half. There’s just too much rapid cutting on They were intending to build a series out of this film but the coronavirus may have actually killed any hope of that, not that I care that much for it.


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