The Hunt (2020)


The Hunt

Well, this world is crazy now. There’s a tragic and rapidly evolving pandemic going on at the moment, which has essentially shut down everything. There are no theaters in NYC that are open and virtually every upcoming release has been pushed back to a later date. It will be hard to update this blog regularly with no new movies out so I guess posts will be sparse. The Hunt is a film that came out a week ago but with the coronavirus running rampant Universe decided to be nice and release the film for streaming. Having been isolated at home for weeks now I have finally seen it and here are my thoughts.

The film is about a group of right wing Americans (who are insinuated to be supporters of Donald Trump) who are all captured and brought together for a hunt at a manor. What this entails, is a fight for survival where the participants are hunted down and brutally killed. The game is run by supporters on the other side of the political spectrum. The main character, Crystal (played by Betty Gilpin) is trying to survive and fighting back against her hunters, while also trying to find answers to what’s going on.

Obviously, the film garnered controversy and a lot of press for being a film about hunting right wing Trump supporting Americans. Therefore, the buzz for this film was quite considerable. It has moments that work and are funny but I feel like the film is under-cooked in plot with a resolution that doesn’t live up. in fact the second half of the film drops in quality. I like Betty Gilpin as a tough, hardened lead. I just wish the film had more going for it. Its quite violent though, so people seeking action and gore will get their time’s worth from this.

I enjoyed Compliance from Craig Zobel because it was well made and quite frankly shocking. This one has a different level of shock to it. its got decent moments here and there but doesn’t do much and isn’t as memorable as it wants to be. I don’t mind of other studios go this route in the time of this outbreak and release films online. Well, until next time! I’m not really sure when that will be. Everyone stay safe please!




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