Onward (2020)


Its always something special when a new Pixar film comes out. For the most part Pixar has released films of the utmost quality. Efforts like The Toy Story films, Inside Outt, and Coco are all fabulous. I didn’t know what to make of the trailer for Onward but it had that unique feel to it that only Pixar studios is capable of. So, how is the film? I’d say overall, its an interesting and original concept but it doesn’t always keep the viewer interested. It’s still a good addition to the Pixar legacy.

The film is the story of two brothers in a world where magic has been fading in the world. They find out that their late father leave them a magical staff and a phoenix gem with a spell that will bring their father back for one day. However, they are only able to conjure the bottom half of their father. They both go on a magical quest to find another phoenix gem to complete the spell and bring their father back for a limited time. The two leads are voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

The animation and music in this is stellar as you know it should be from a Pixar film. The characters are fun, especially Pratt’s geeky older deadbeat brother role. I just felt like the film tries to capture a lot of the emotion that previous films have done but does not do it as well. It just didn’t connect with me in that regard. I appreciate the plot of the film and the uniqueness of this wild journey that these two embark on but its not always greatly entertaining and I felt myself checking the clock.

The real key of the film is the wonderful animation on display on absolutely every frame. Its a non stop adventure for sure although not all of it is as fun as it probably could be. Pixar has made films that I like less than Onward. Onward has its moments but is a kind of middle of the road feature for a studio that has put out better quality efforts.




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