The Invisible Man (2020)


The Invisible Man

When I saw the trailer for this I was instantly intrigued. Even more so when I saw the name of the film. The Dark Universe was a disaster. Dracula: Untold was so average that they tried to restart the franchise with 2017’s The Mummy, which was straight awful. Alas, the Dark Universe as a shared universe died but I guess they decided to do standalone films instead. So based on past experiences, we should have had every inkling that this would be terrible. However this was a really good re-imagining/reboot that remains entertaining for the full runtime.

The film is about a woman who runs away from her husband because he is abusive. She finds out he commits suicide and 5 million dollars in his name could legally be acquired by her provided she does not conduct criminal activity and has a normal mental state. She soon becomes haunted by an invisible force, that not only terrorizes her but becomes dangerously violent. No one will believe her and she must find a way to not only protect herself but find out how this is happening. The film stars someone who I feel is one of the best actresses today: Elisabeth Moss.

Leigh Whannell honestly blew me away with the very impressive sci-fi thriller, Upgrade. That alone should be reason to watch The Invisible Man. This is a real horror thriller that is set up incredibly well. The camerawork and atmosphere created really complement the plot of the film and your eyes are glued to the screen, really trying to find out where this invisible man is at any given moment. The thrills are great and while the film goes through predictable stages it honestly takes the concept of the invisible man and creates something so wonderfully modern and unique and it really works.

I want to close off by talking about how good Elisabeth Moss is. I followed her growth as Peggy Olsen in Mad Men and knew of her talent right away. Her portrayal of a woman having a mental breakdown in Queen of Earth was amazing and she channels a similar type of energy for this. She is fantastic in this film as she is in pretty much everything she does. This was a strong reboot or re-imagining of a Universal classic. It takes liberties but all of it is done well and I think its about time Leigh Whannell started to blow up.


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