Onward (2020)

Onward Its always something special when a new Pixar film comes out. For the most part Pixar has released films of the utmost quality. Efforts like The Toy Story films, Inside Outt, and Coco are all fabulous. I didn’t know … Continue reading Onward (2020)

Waves (2019)

Waves Here is a film that kind of came out of nowhere, with not a lot of buzz. Trey Edward Schults returns with his follow up to It Comes at Night. There were aspects of It Comes at Night that were really admirable though I felt it didn’t really reach its heights. However, with Waves comes an absolutely alluring sensational experience. Its absolutely raw and the way in which it is presented adds to a completely engorging experience at the theaters. The film is broken up into two segments. The first is about a teenager with so much potential. He … Continue reading Waves (2019)

The Beach Bum (2019)

The Beach Bum It takes me a while to warm up to Harmony Korine films. I hated Spring Breakers on first viewing but upon a rewatch was able to find the quality in it despite it being a really polarizing venture. The Beach Bum kind of looked like the same but probably with heightened drugs, sex, and chill. That’s exactly what it was. The film is frustratingly unfocused and seems bereft of a plot but I had a sort of decent time with it. The film is about a former writer slacker who spends his days near the water smoking … Continue reading The Beach Bum (2019)