Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018)

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

I ever have watched this show, nor did I know that this was a spin off incarnation of the original series. All I know is that DC movies generally aren’t good and it would be nice to see something more comedic and light-hearted. An animated DC film is not really what I had in mind but hey, the trailer looked like good fun. It was a fun ride as well, most of the jokes hit and its a harmless and fairly self aware film. Its not here to make waves or leave a lasting impression but it does what its supposed to.

The film is about the Teen Titans and their quest for recognition as superheros. Robin wants his own movie since every hero big and small seems to be getting one. The Teen Titans realize the best way to get a feature film is to have a notable villain to bring their name to fame. They follow Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) but he has motives of his own to commit crime and control people along the way. The film brings the voice cast from the series and also enlists outside names, even Stan Lee as himself in the wrong universe!

The best parts of the film were the self aware humor. The film pokes fun at Marvel and the DC films and it brings laughs based on its timing. The film isn’t just something for the kids to enjoy, the humor really does resonate with adults as well. The film is bright and colorful and just a harmless ride all the way through. It feels like a long movie length cartoon show, which I guess is basically what it was (a 90 minute episode of the series). Its a superhero film that is completely not serious, even the stakes are comedic. I could use that.

DC films are generally bad, so its good to find something on the outskirts in the Universe that plays to its strengths. There are no problems or major plot points in this, its designed as a popcorn animated feature. Don’t take things too seriously and just sit and watch it. Not every plot point or joke will hit but its self aware and referential nature bring brevity at a different spin on a genre of films that is super duper ever present. Teen Titans Go!



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