Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)


Mission Impossible: Fallout

The Mission Impossible series is a really solid action franchise. With the exception of the second film, the rest offer good fun and nice twists, basically the perfect summer popcorn movie. Early reviews for Fallout were super. I heard people calling it the best action film of all time, and also the best in the series. Thus, this film became my most hyped for the summer. After watching, I’m not sure if its the greatest action film of all time (though the action is admittedly insane) but it is my favorite of the series.

Ethan Hunt returns once again with his crew but this time three nuclear plutonium cores have been stolen and Hunt must find out how to retrieve these devices. Along the way, he must partner with a mysterious assassin (played by mustached Henry Cavill) and gets involved in a high risk international plot involving many set pieces. Sounds familiar to the other films and it is in most respects. However, there is a lot that is improved upon and I think its with distinction that this is the most well made film in the series.

The cinematography is excellent. The on site locale is a wonder to behold, and the effects and location blends in very well on screen. The action scenes are insanely good. Its almost jaw-dropping that this film can achieve higher levels to its already insane action. The fight scenes are intense and so crisp. Love him or hate him, you have to applaud Tom Cruise’s commitment to the film, even if it means taking a bump and getting hurt.

The film is oddly low in humor, which is something that is ever present in big budget films these days. This wasn’t problematic at all for me. MI 6 is definitely a film where you want to pay close attention to every bit of dialogue and seen, because its easily to get lost in the intricacies of the plot. I wholeheartedly enjoyed this effort though. The score is a perfect accompaniment to the action in the film. I think the bathroom fight scene and the car scene are as good as it gets when it comes to filmed chase and fight scenes.

Absolutely everything doesn’t work as some characters fade away into the background. The film is also long, so you’re in for a trip. Its enjoyable though. I had plenty of fun with this and do recommend it for fans of the franchise and cinematic thrill seekers. Its a very well made action film that goes the extra mile and by far the best in the franchise, for me anyways. How often can you say the sixth in a franchise is the best?



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