The Equalizer 2


The Equalizer 2

I wasn’t that crazy about the first Equalizer, but admittedly having Denzel Washington kicking butt is awesome. Its crazy how Denzel has had such a storied career and this is the first sequel that he has done. This also begged the question of if a sequel to The Equalizer was even necessary. Having now seen it, I dug it. Its nothing amazing or unique, but it does what it needs to do when the action comes to make it a brainless popcorn flick.

The film follows Denzel’s Robert McCall as he has to explore the mysterious deaths of his friend and others. In the midst of this all he takes a liking to a young man who lives in his building. The problem is this young man is steering towards the wrong path; one filled with crime. Also, as with the first film McCall is bringing justice upon those who need it. There’s actually quite a few plot points going on with this film, more so than with the first.

That’s an issue for me. The story with the old man reuniting with his sister could have been omitted. The film tries to stay too busy in its story that it just doesn’t feel as focused as it could have been. Also, the film suffers from a cookie cutter weak villain and predictability and familiarity in portions of the plot. Its not the most sharpest effort from Antonio Fuqua but the entertainment value comes from something else.

The action in this film is good. Denzel’s McCall is very likeable and it is fun watching him to do unto those exactly what they deserve. The fight scenes are shot well. Washington clearly is carrying the series, otherwise I don’t think we would have cared as much about this series. For me personally, I think this film is better than the first film although not by much. Its a purely brainless action film that has its strengths where it needs to.


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