Palm Springs (2020)


Palm Springs

The Groundhog Day formula for film is something that has become extremely popular. The day repeats over and over for a character until they do something profound and change their life or an event to break the loop. When I started watching Palm Springs I didn’t initially sense that it was that type of film but when it was I was hoping for something that would use the aforementioned formula will. With its twists and sharp writing, Palm Springs absolutely works and remains fresh the entire 90 minutes of its running length.

The film is about a wedding and two guests of the wedding that find themselves in a magical cave, once they go near the light in the cave they are doomed to repeat the day over and over. Anyone who interacts with this cave find themselves knowing about their predicament. The pair find out secrets about themselves and have fun with their situation but ultimately need to find a way out of their repetitive situation. The film stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti.

The film takes the Groundhog Day formula of the never ending day and twists it. Now instead of following one person who has to deal with being the only one who knows about what happens on the repetitive day, we have multiple characters. This brings a lot of fun and the script can have fun with this unique test on a tried formula. That’s what makes it fun. There’s enough light twists and turns that make it worthwhile and the chemistry of the leading pair really does help with the quality of the film.

Palm Springs does a good job of taking something we know and changing it just enough to keep you guessing and having fun with itself and its characters. I like Andy Samberg as a lead in films, he has a humorous charm that can make a bad film worth watching. Palm Springs is a strong Hulu original film and the best one I’ve seen so far on this streaming platform.



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