Deep Red (1975)


Deep Red

I love the work of Dario Argento. For my money he’s one of the best directors and also one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. Suspiria and Phenomena are among my favorite horror films of all time. I watched The Cat O’ Nine Tails a few days ago and thought it was good despite not being a strong a film as what Argento is known for (I think I’ll write a review on this film as well). With Deep Red, the Bluray I had comprised of the English cut also known as the Directors Cut, or the extended version and I went with that version to get the full experience of the story.

The film is about a a jazz musician who is hanging out with his friend one night, until he looks up at a balcony and sees a woman being violently murdered. When he investigates he sees a mysterious person leaving in a dark leather coat. He then takes it upon himself to investigate this grizzly murder and see the connection between this kill and other brutal murders that occur in the area. What he finds is a dark story with twists and turns along the way.

The film also has a soundtrack by Goblin, much like with Suspiria and Phenomena. Its a staple of the work of Argento and the score is so distinct and adds to the heightened atmosphere of the film. The camerawork and shadows of the film are so brilliant. As usual the gory scenes are amazing, the blood and violence so vibrant. Argento has revolutionized and stamped his mark in cinema with these giallo films and Deep Red doesn’t shy away from violence. The extended version had some scenes with Italian dialogue as they weren’t recorded in English but I feel like the aspects of humor and romance add more to the film so I’m glad I saw this version.

The film is a bit predictable plot wise, at least it was for me. However, the ride to the finale is so good. Its pure cinema and Argento is absolutely an expert in telling a memorable story through visually stimulating the viewer. Deep Red was a very fun time and one of the stronger works I have seen from him. Absolutely amazing, and instantly rewatchable.



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