Oscar Nominated Short Films- Live Action (2019)


Oscar Nominated Shorts- Live Action

Going to try something a little different for this entry. I will review both Oscar nominated short features for 2019 in the live action and animated categories. I will review each short rather than the collective whole. Enjoy! SPOILERS BELOW.

Mother- The live action shorts are way more depressing. About a mother who gets a call from her young son as he is stranded on a beach, with a low phone battery. She tries to call the police and find out where exactly he is but to no avail. The film ends stunningly with the child being chased by a man by himself. Intriguing and scary stuff. 8.5/10

Fauve- two young friends are always trying to best each other in a game of power and wit. One day they stumble across an open pit mine. Things become dangerous as one of them gets pushed in and trapped and sinks. A tale of danger and life altering events. Really good throughout.  -9/10

Marguerite- first short I didn’t care a whole lot for. A slow story about a woman who finds out her home attendant is lesbian and then recalls her forbidden love for a woman. The two connect with each other emotionally and physically. Does not really match the tone set with the rest of the shorts and feels out of place and inconsequential -6.5/10

Detainment- This one builds up where we see two little boys causing havoc in a mall until they spot a younger kid. I then immediately realized that this was a recreation of the case of the horrendous death of James Bulger. Covered this in psych class and it is enraging what these two little monsters were able to do to a young innocent child. It was a bit of a strained watch because its a tough subject matter. The short has interesting subject matter but isn’t fantastic in its delivery -7.5/10

Skin- No surprise why this won the Oscar. its absolutely tremendous. Deals with racial tensions and receiving karma for operating from a place of pure hatred. I won’t spoil this one as it deserves to be watched. Fabulous. i would like to see this short once again because its profound. -10/10


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