Instant Family (2018)


Instant Family

The film did a good job of using George Harrison’s “What Is Life?” in its trailer because it makes you want to see the trailer multiple times just to hear that sweet song. In effect, you end up wanting to see the film. I didn’t have that many qualms about seeing it as is, you don’t have to ask me twice to see a Rose Byrne and Marky Mark pairing. Its been a weekend of good films actually and it doesn’t really stop here. I did enjoy Instant Family quite a bit, a good film that does well mixing humor and drama.

The film is about a couple who are on the fence about having children. After much consideration they decide that they want to foster children. The task becomes tough as they take in a teenager and her two siblings. They soon realize that it is a lot to take in and then start to wonder if they are really equipped for the task. Soon, the children start to grow on them and their unconventional family starts to bond. This is another collaboration between Daddy’s Home director Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg, also the second with Wahlberg and Isabelle Moner.

The film you can say follows the formulaic family film style, sure. It still manages to be funny mostly through really good performances by both Wahlberg and Byrne. Moner herself does well as a rebellious teenager who does not trust her new foster parents. It’s what you would expect from this type of film, a whirlwind of trouble but one that eventually knows how to hit the right notes. The child actors do fine to supplement the story and play to their types as a little hellraiser and a nervous klutz who apologizes for everything.

It’s nice to see simple films do what it needs to do to bring an entertaining family film. I think the cast really shines here and the film remains a heartwarming story that has a satisfying resolution. Its also nice that this film is based on a true story and there are many other cases of similar stories of parents adopting fosters and taking them out of an overcrowded system. If you need some time to unwind at the cinema, this certainly is not a bad choice.



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