Sisters (1972)



Brian De Palma is one of my favorite filmmakers ever. I love most of his work and think he’s a versatile filmmaker who is able to successfully make films with different elements of horror, thrill, action, eroticism, and suspense. I have been meaning to watch Sisters for a while because I know in some way there would be a lingering effect that this would have, much like the rest of De Palma’s filmography. After watching, my intiial sentiments resound. This is a wonderful effort that seems inspired by Hitchcock but still possesses a mind and style of its own.

The film is about two conjoined sisters and waht occurs after the seperation. One night one of the sisters murders the date of her twin and the scene is covered up and the body hidden. The newspaper journalist who lives accross the street sees the grizzly actions occur but the cops are of no use as the crime scene is cleaned up swiftly. The journalist still goes out of her way to expose the perpetrators. She soon stumbles upon a dark and disturbing mystery. The film stars Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt, and Charles Durning.

This film is one of De Palma’s earlier works and really sees him trying out his style that becomes more prevalent in his later work. It definitely is inspired by Hitchcock, namely Psycho, Rear Window, and Rope. The long take is very much like Rope. I loved the use of split screen to see events unfolding at the same time. Its also well acted all around, especially through Kidder who made a name for herself later on in her career. This has the sexuality, the horror, and the pure mystery that you want from a De Palma work.

It was also nice to see a film set in Staten Island, New York. There are so many themes and references that return in his later work, like the Peeping Tom show and how Body Double has a peeping tom and a murder plot revolving around spying. Its not the best from De Palma but definitely shows that the man was destined for a long career in film.



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