The Snowman (2017)


The Snowman

When I first heard and saw the trailer for this film, I thought it looked like a good murder mystery thriller. I was in when I saw Michael Fassbender in a leading role. I didn’t get a chance to catch this in theaters but then again I heard some really terrible things about this film. I’m usually not one to go by word of mouth so I was going to watch it eventually. I wish I didn’t. The film is really as messy and coherent as everyone was saying it was.

The film is about a seasoned detective who must try to solve “The Snowman Killer” case. Decades prior similar cases occurred and now with a help of his new partner he must try to figure out who  the killer is and put an end to the recent crop of killings. The film boasts quite a talented cast, which includes Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Chloe Sevigny and Charlotte Gainsbourg. All that talent, completely wasted on a mostly terrible film.

The script for this film is confusing. I am certain that the film was not only rushed but a few scenes were cut out. The film feels disjointed and without a coherent flow. This really took away from the viewing experience. I wouldn’t say the trailers are very misleading but I definitely was expecting a stronger film based on them. The film is mostly bereft of action, suspense, or any real tension. I heard production for the film was rushed and it shows.

I think the film was aiming to be a European hit series based on a focal character (much like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) but this might have to be scrapped. I’m actually at a loss for drawing positives from this movie. Its a waste of talent and a rare misstep for Michael Fassbender. I’ll give Tomas Alfredson another chance because Le The Right One In was massively entertaining. Avoid this film, its as bad as people say it was.


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