Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)


Pitch Perfect 3

I am an Anna Kendrick maniac, so it goes without saying I’m always going to watch anything she’s in. I did quite like the first Pitch Perfect. The music and a capella were good and the film was entertaining. The sequel wasn’t very memorable, few moments here and there but not enough to be considered a good film. The trailer for the third film didn’t look amazing but I was interested in seeing how the film series would end. The addition of Ruby Rose caught my eye as well. Overall, the film has good music and performances but does little to give the series a good send off.

The Bellas are now older all with jobs they hate. They relish the opportunity to sing together once again. So, they decide to go on a USO tour where other rival bands use instruments instead of just harmonizing with their voices. Becca also must decide if she wants to pursue her dream of a musical career without the Bellas. Of course, there are also other sideplots. This film is pretty much billed as the last Pitch Perfect and yet its actually a really weak ending; one that goes out on a whimper.

The writing for this one is unfocused. The competitive nature of the series is present at first but fades away as it mixes with a villainous ransom plot. It becomes a real mess when the film tries to over plot it self. The Fat Amy jokes never worked and they don’t here either. Its actually probably the weakest film in the trilogy and is further proof that we only needed one Pitch Perfect. The music and singing is top notch as usual and is unsurprisingly the best the film has to offer.

I couldn’t help but feel that the film was just unnecessary and tired. Ideas were short and the film seems to exist just to complete a trilogy. Much like the second the musical performances are great but its hard to find anything else to really praise. The first half of the film is failed by the poor writing in the second. Also, no one ever needs that much DJ Khaled. In the case of this series, I really hope this is it and Pitch Perfect is done.



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