The Disaster Artist (2017)


The Disaster Artist

I saw The Room a few years back and love it, to the point of obsession. No doubt, its absolutely terrible with a ton of flaws in production, acting, and script. Yet there is something endearing about it, that makes it ridiculously entertaining. I own the damn Bluray because I love it so much. Definitely my favorite “so bad its good film.” When I heard about The Disaster Artist I was so infatuated with an adaptation of Greg Sestero’s book. I loved all the trailers and was anticipating this for a while. Safe to say, The Disaster Artist is actually really good. Very entertaining, funny, and well acted.

The film is an autobiographical take, focusing on the beginning of the friendship of Greg and Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau is definitely a mysterious figure and the two soon become friends because of their love for acting. Down out of luck in Hollywood, Wiseau decides to make his own film (with a  mysterious fund for the film) and while the film production wasn’t without turmoil, the end product turns out to be one of the worst films of all time. And yet, the film becomes a cult hit and a success despite being terrible.

I think Franco’s filmography is streaky to not very good (although admittedly I’ve only seen stuff here and there) but this most be his best work. Franco captures most of the embodiment of Tommy Wiseau and is so magnetic with his awkward mannerisms, ideas that don’t make any sense, and his foreign accent. The film is very funny, you will get the humor and enjoy yourself even if you haven’t seen The Room. However if you’ve seen it you will really appreciate what goes on in this film.

The film has a few cameo appearances which are cool, stay tuned even after the credits. The film also boasts an incredibly catchy late 90′ early 2000’s soundtrack and the attention to detail of the recreation of scenes and sets of The Room is almost perfect. This film actually made me want to re-watch The Room and re-experience the wonders of unintended genius of Tommy Wiseau. Franco has done a wonderful job with this film, and even though its about the worst movie ever, the film about the making of it is rather fantastic.



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