Call Me By Your Name (2017)


Call Me By Your Name

As soon as I heard this film receiving some award buzz, I knew that I would have to see it. Interesting film title aside, I really went into this film blind not quite knowing what to expect. Sometimes Oscar films can be a bit baity and overbearing or not worth some of the praise it receives, that is the truth. I can say, that does not apply for this film. I don’t know what my favorite film of the year is just yet but I’d except Call Me By Your Name to be in the top ten of the year.

This film is about a 17 year old boy living in Italy who falls for an American assistant to his father, who comes and stays with them for a period of time. Elio (Timothée Chalamet), soon realizes that he has feelings for this older man and they begin a relationship. Elio has to come to grips with his sexual awakening and see if a relationship is possible despite being in a relationship with a local girl. There’s definitely much more to the film than my horrible summary of it, that’s for sure.

Its a coming of age film of sorts but feels so fresh and like it makes a point to be different. New face Chalamet is now here to stay, having appeared in both Lady Bird and this film. He is fantastic in it and this happens to be the best I’ve seen from Armie Hammer as well. I had to just see two minutes of this film to conclude that this was a Luca Guadagnino film, the vibrant color and the gorgeous vacation setting cinematography made it feel like A Bigger Splash, and it turns out to be a spiritual successor in a  trilogy to that film.

The backdrop of the 80s works so nicely with the film because this was also a time where homosexuality was quite hidden but becoming public. The score and soundtrack for this film is fantastic. “Love My Way” hasn’t sounded this good since the Grand Theft Auto Vice City days. Once you finish the film, you know that you’ve been treated to something special and a strong contender during awards season.


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