Rings (2017)


Rings (2017)

So the trend of unnecessary and extremely late sequels continues. I really liked the first Ring. Even though I’ve never seen Ringu; the Japanese original, I thought Gore Verbinski did a great job bringing an entertaining horror story that was also visually up to par with the crop of horror films at the time. I can’t really say I liked The Ring Two but at least we all thought it would end there. Well, we were all wrong. Many years later, we get a third film.

This film is about a girl who looks for her boyfriend after he mysteriously disappears. Her trail leads to the famous video of Samara Morgan and a new generation of people watching and being haunted by the film. They find out more about the origins of Morgan and also try to find away to survive. The series abandons Naomi Watts and its creativity and integrity. This film doesn’t have many scares, its actually really devoid of any type of horror. There is no build up or atmosphere which makes the film too dull to care about.

It was a chore trying to get through this film. I had to struggle to stay engaged through one dimensional characters with nothing to draw you in, a poor progression of the mythology of the previous films, and an all around cliched delivery. It has none of the the thrills or intrigue of what made the original so special. As I say all the time, these days a horror film will really have to be special to leave a mark, since so much of the genre has been tried and tired already.

Even if you are a fan of the first two films, I’m not sure even you asked for this film. Its a real disservice to fans of horror and the first film. I know the studios want to cash in on another sequel since this one did fairly well in the box office. I think they really should reconsider and let this thing die.



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