A Dog’s Purpose (2017)


A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Family film’s that are centralized around the life of an animal (mostly a dog) seems to be becoming a popular thing these days. This film got marred in controversy after the TMZ footage of supposed animal abuse leaked. Apparently, after investigation it was concluded that the video was edited to make it look like something fishy was going on but in reality the video was just a typical dog not wanting to bath situation. That didn’t have anything to do with the review, but there’s that.

The film is about a dog named Bailey who gets reincarnated every time he dies as a different dog. Through his life he has different owners and experiences the human interactions between his owners and tries to find his own purpose. The film goes through periods of happiness, grief, separation, and re awakening. Its a harmless film in all honesty and better than I thought.

Unlike something like Marley and Me where the film gets sentimental and too emotionally heavy handed (no one wants to see cuddly animals die!) this film is watchable because it doesn’t tread that over emotional hard to handle ground. You’ve seen it all before with this type of film so nothing really comes as a surprise. There’s a lack of Britt Robertson which was my only real gripe. Overall, its a nothing film that is inconsequential but can make for a bit of enjoyment.



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