Office Christmas Party (2016)


Office Christmas Party

This isn’t Christmas season but this film kind of transcends the holiday time and can be viewed as a raunchy party comedy. While this isn’t a perfect film and it doesn’t tread new ground from other previous similar films, I think great casting and a carefree comedy make the film worth watching. Its nice to see Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston basically playing similar characters as they did in Horrible Bosses.

The film is about a branch of a company that is in trouble and really needs a cutting edge idea to keep it afloat. The CEO (played by Aniston) wants to lay off a bunch of the staff and her brother (TJ Miller) and his staff want to impress a potential business partner that could really help out the company. And all this takes place during a wild and crazy Christmas party. The film doesn’t always offer laughs and sometimes gets to bogged down in the plot aspect of the film and the company that it doesn’t really let loose and just have fun. The film’s a bit cliched and tried but it doesn’t take away from making for an entertaining watch.

Aniston plays a meany bitchy boss very well. She’s done it before in Horrible Bosses and honestly its something I love to see her do. Unconventional role for her but she excels in it. TJ Miller always plays the carefree lovable idiot in all his work so its no different here but he is on point. Bateman is his usual straight man who falls into terrible scenarios/awkward situations. Courtney B. Vance was an interesting addition (coming off a high from The People vs OJ). Kate McKinnon is a loveable oddball and her and Vanessa Bayer bring a nice touch of SNL to it. Lat but not least Abby Lee is a certified 100/10, good lord she is gorgeous.

Its not a conventional Christmas film and probably isn’t one you’ll be running back to every year. The film isn’t very memorable and falls into the category of watching it one and done. Its a fun time pass though and the actors and their compatibility make it worth a watch. If you like this type of party film with middle aged prototypical characters, then this film is going to do it for you.


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