Miss Sloane (2016)


Miss Sloane

My endearing love for Jessica Chastain means I will watch absolutely anything she is in to see the red headed goddess captivate me with her beauty. I think she’s a fine actress (in her beauty and her acting ability). This film flew a bit under the radar in 2016; it seemed like something that was meant to make a few waves during award season but having seen it now, there wasn’t too much to rave about. However, one thing cannot be denied, Chastain is a force to be reckoned with.

Miss Sloane is about a lobbyist, and her dedication and unnerved attitude towards her job. The film explores her resolve and how it interferes with her free time and life, while also displaying what a powerful and unwavering lobbyist she is. The film also explores betrayal, the cutthroat business that she is in, and also some of the scandal involved in politics. The film is a political thriller. A lot of the film uses terminology that may really isolate a casual viewer. You have to really know what you are getting yourself into. Its not always entertaining and often feels like information is being thrown at you without really attempting to engage or motivate the viewer.

I think the film is watchable due to Jessica Chastain being a powerhouse in this. Her character may not resonate with all viewers but its hard to deny the conviction with which she portrays Elizabeth Sloane. Its one of her strongest performances to date. She really disappears into her character and her character has some serious balls (for a lack of better terminology). I wouldn’t have been surprised with a best actress nod at the Oscars for her super performance. She really saves the film from really fading away into obscurity.

Chastain is brilliant, and the supporting cast do well to work a film that has too much political jargon to set itself out on its own feet. There are some really fantastic scenes where the emotion really hits out and it escapes its textbook style verbosity. Its a shame it doesn’t happen more often. In conclusion, this film won’t be for everyone. If politically driven films are your thing you would have a better judgment on how this film stands up to others of a similiar nature. For me it wasn’t very special.


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