Villains (2019)


Maika Monroe. That is all. That’s all the reason I need to see a film, no matter how good or bad it will be. I was already going to see this film anyways but having heard that she pairs up with Bill Skarsgard (who famously played Pennywise The Dancing Clown in the new It series), I had much more interest in it. This film is a nice little dark comedy that is a good entertaining time. Its worth a watch to see as a throwaway time killer and that’s really all it needed to be.

The film is about a pair of thieves who rob a gas station and go out on the run. Their car breaks down so they break into a nearby house. When they go down to the basement they find a young girl trapped there and chained. Soon they encounter the couple who live in the house. it turns out that they are much more dark and twisted than the robbers have ever imagined that they can be. The film also starts Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Donovan.

I enjoyed the performances in this film. While nothing technically great from any individual character there’s a lot of ham and interest to the characters, particularly Kyra’s character that seems to represent a psychotic mother who is attached to a fake doll child. That’s always fun. The film has good action where it needs to have it but always plays it safe throughout. I also enjoyed Skarsgard yelling all over the place and not being a creepy clown for once.

With a film like this that a lot of people have not heard about, you have to just hope for entertainment and not for something that will waste your time. Luckily,  the comic element of the film makes it worth your while. Yes, this is another great addition for the un-official Rockatthemovies Maika Monroe Fan club.



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