The Intruder (2019)


The Intruder

Ah, the good old B movie. This seemed like cheesy good thrilling fun. In a way it was. It was nice seeing Meagan Good in a main role. She was a bit of a crush a few years back and got to be center stage again. This film goes for the cheap pops and predictable thrills. Its absolutely everything yo would expect from a film of its nature: scares seen a mile away, the stupidest of characters, and of course a really weird character played by Dennis Quaid.

The film is about a young couple who buy a house from a man. Its a wonderful house but eventually the couple realize that the man who they bought the house from keeps lingering and helping out. Initially they assume that he is just lonely and feel bad but eventually they start to get annoyed by his presence. They also soon realize that there is more to him than they see and that he is actually incredibly dangerous and unstable. This film is directed by Deon Taylor, who made Traffik last year.

With an absolutely over the top Dennis Quaid performance really anchoring the film you get what you expect in this cheap thrill/cheap erotic affair. Its nothing you haven’t seen before and reminiscent of Taylor’s last film with PG-13 sex scenes with R & B music overlapped. With the cheapest of jump scares the film is predictable and unintentionally hilarious. I guess the worst sin is how dumb the characters are. They kind of should have been killed with how stupid they are. You had to roll your eyes at the decision making of the main couple but hey you can’t complain too much with this B movie design.

Its predictable and unintentionally hilarious but the best bits are Quaid getting hammy. He got a good ire from the audience at the cinema. Its absolutely not going to leave any sort of note at all and is much like many films that have come before. Its a truly tame PG-13 affair and I guess its a low key time before the month gets super intense with what’s to come in film.


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