Lizzie (2018)



I’ve only heard of Lizzie Borden through the grizzly murder’s of her parents but I also assumed that she was a serial killer and hand many victims. I didn’t even know that she went on trial for their murders and then lived a quiet life after acquittal. So I guess it was a good idea for me to check out this film and learn more about the life of Lizzie Borden and what transpired when the crimes were committed. While the film may not be the best portrayal of fact displayed on screen I thought a chunk of the film was enjoyable but the film kind of doesn’t realize its full potential at any point.

The film shows the story of Lizzie Borden and her life living with her father and step mother. The family enlist the help of a housemaid. This creates problems in the household as the father sexually abuses the housemaid. Lizzie and the housemaid also start a secretive relationship that doesn’t bode well in the household. Lizzie and her parents’ relationship is severely strained to make things worse. The film culminates with the murders of Lizzie’s parents and an event of what transpired. The film stars Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart.

I think the film needed to take a stronger stand on what it wanted to be. There are violent acts in the film but I feel like a lot of it is skimmed over. Turn it up to get a desired and lasting effect. The film is well acted by its two very talented leads (yes, start believing in Kristen Stewart as a force, although admittedly I wasn’t sure about her accent). The acts of the murder were done fairly well. Its an insane event and the portrayal was satisfying enough although I think the film still shies away from its violent nature. The film also spends time developing areas that it doesn’t need to do so.

The film could have gone more into the very disgusting father and turned us against him even more. The film nonchalantly passes through without garnering as strong a reaction as it should. You want to get more invested in Lizzie and her lover but its hard for it to happen, though through no fault of the actresses themselves. Overall, its good to know about the case of Lizzie Borden although the film should have really delved into its macabre nature rather than stand at the side trying to decide what it should be.


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