Crazy Rich Asians (2018)


Crazy Rich Asians

Recently upgraded to AMC A-List and I was very happy to try out this service with this as a first film. Heard a lot of positive things about this film all round and it is certainly nice to see diversity in films, especially as leads. The film is supposedly the first all Asian Hollywood film since 1993. After watching the film, I’ll say that while the story is familiar and not so innovative, the glory and wonder of the visuals costumes and actors really push the film and make it enjoyable.

The film is about a woman named Rachel who travels with her boyfriend to Singapore for his relative’s wedding. As soon as she arrives she realizes that her boyfriend and his family is actually very rich. Rachel struggles with acceptance and jealousy from her boyfriends family. She soon must think about if her relationship means enough to her to carry it on despite being at odds with the mother of her boyfriend. The all Asian cast includes Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, and a supporting cast that includes Ken Jeong and Awkwafina.

I won’t comment on the controversy of misrepresentation of Chinese Americans or any of the other cultural issues at hand. I will say that I enjoyed taking a look at Asian andd Singaporean culture. The food, costumes, ceremonies and such are simply beautiful. I agree with a review I read comparing it to Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby, which I adore. The film is vibrant and grand and very well acted. Michelle Yeoh is the standout in this but all the characters do well.

While its well acted, not all supporting characters are fleshed out. The plot is very familiar and has been seen before. There is imbalance in the plot because of its scattered focus switching between the two leads and the other members of the boyfriend’s family. There are moment’s where I feel jokes are forced and don’t come off smoothly. Still, its nice to see recognition and praise for a film that is speaking up about representation and showing appreciation and giving a glimpse into a culture many people may not know about. A sequel is in the works and might do just as well.



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