Overboard (2018)



I recently watched the original Overboard for the first time. it wasn’t anything amazing, or something to write home about but I did enjoy the premise and it had its moments. Also 80’s Goldie Hawn is something else. I saw the trailer for the remake and didn’t think it looked great. Alas, with MoviePass everything is a go so I decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised with this remake and dare I say I liked it better than the original film.

The film is about a rich and spoiled man who spends most of his days partying on his expensive yacht. He is self absorbed and one day he gets into a spat with a hard working carpet cleaner who is working multiple jobs and has three kids. Eventually, the man falls overboard and wakes up with amnesia. The woman he upset earlier sees this as an opportunity to get back at him and use him to pretend that they are married and to get him to help out with the family and work that she does not have the time to do. Starring Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris.

I haven’t seen Derbez in many things, in fact the first introduction I had to him was How To Be A Latin Lover. I think he is excellent in this. He has good comedic timing and is equally good as a jerk and as someone you want to root for. The film may not have a large amount of laughs but it manages to remain entertaining throughout and is surprisingly better than you initially expect. I’m sure there are people who will prefer the original but I think the modern day remake has more to say and does it better.

The film isn’t going to be a talking point when the year ends but at the very least it made for a fun time. With solid performances and a good balance of comedy, romance, and family heart, I think the film is a surprisingly solid film. The gender swap was also a good call as I think it is more effective and allowed Derbez to take the reigns on what his character is supposed to fulfill. Nothing you have to go out of your way to see but its solid.



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