Lean on Pete (2018)


Lean on Pete

I heard great things about this film on the indie circuit. The trailer didn’t really seem so interesting to me. I’ve hated horse centered movies in the past. Did not like Secretariat or War Horse so I thought this film was going to be largely unimpressive for me. Having never seen Andrew Haigh’s films I didn’t know what to expect. Now having seen it, I liked the film quite a bit. There are problems, sure, but its mostly impressive and shows that Charlie Plummer is a talent.

The film follows a 15 year old boy who grows attached to a race horse named Lean on Pete. During this time in is life his father tragically dies and he learns that the flailing horse is most likely going to be transported to be killed. The boy must try to save the horse and also survive all by himself with no one really there to look out for him. The film also stars Steve Buscemi, Chloe Sevigny, and Steve Zahn.

Charlie Plummer is excellent in this film and does well to show that he is a talented young man. His journey is about the affection he has for the race horse but its not entirely about that. His life has changed since the death of his father and it really is a tale of not knowing what to do and trying to survive in the world. The film can be somber at times and all things and characters in Plummer’s characters life come and go.

The film does suffer from slow passages and its long running length. Its easy to have moments where your attention wanes. Overall, the film is well made. Its a characters journey and its crazy to see how things can change so suddenly for someone. The film has a talented cast and I’d say is definitely worth a watch especially if you’re a film lover who likes to watch everything.


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