Rough Night (2017)


Rough Night

Ever since Bridesmaids the all female lead raunchy comedy has become a popular thing. Bridesmaid was a blast, funny throughout and sharp writing. Sadly, its predecessors such as The Bachelorette and Bad Moms miss the mark and aren’t as good. With Rough Night I was hoping for something that would be memorable and a hell of a good time. While the film has some funny moments, they don’t come as often as they should. I think the film could have been better but for it is its not bad.

The film is about a group of friends who reunite for an upcoming wedding and a wild night of fun at a Bachelorette party. There’s drinking, cocaine, and strippers involved. Until the aforementioned stripper falls and busts his head open and dies. Now the girls’ happy night turns into one of terror and fear as they try to get rid of the body. The film is written by Lucia Aniello who is a primary writer on Broad City. It’s also co-written by Paul W. Downs who also stars on the show. I’ve never seen Broad City but eh, the writing and jokes in this film don’t really give me interest to do so.

One of the weakest characters in the film was actually Ilana Glazer. That’s a problem with this film, two of the bunch (Glazer and Zoe Kravitz) are bland. We already have a fairly straight laced main character in Scarlett Johansson so these two don’t really come off as memorable. Jilian Bell was a bit much at times but she was a colorful character. I really like Kate McKinnon and she was responsible for some of the good humor in the film, however even she feels wasted in the film. There really aren’t that many laugh out loud or even funny snicker moments.

I’d say the second half of the film kind of collapses on itself. The first half was substantially stronger and then the more farfetched and convoluted the scenario became, the more it suffered. Also the sub plot with Peter racing to Miami in a diaper doesn’t always work. I liked the idea for the film but it needed more memorable characters and sharper writing to stand on its own. Its not entirely bad but it just feels like a film that’s lacking and wasteful of its cast. I’ll try Girls Trip when I get a chance and see if that gets the job done.


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