Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)


Keeping Up with The Joneses

Can’t say this was something I was very excited to see this film. The trailers didn’t really pop out for me apart from a very attractive Gal Gadot in lingerie. I’d honestly say the best part of the film is seeing the two lovely leads looking very attractive. Maybe that sounds a bit crass but its honestly the best part of a film that doesn’t meet expectations. Also, what is up with the title of the film? Is it intentionally that horrible?

The film is about an average couple who get attractive but mysterious new neighbors who they suspect are spies. One of the main things I kept thinking while watching the film, is how the cast is wasted. I’m a big fan of Jon Hamm and thought he was riveting as Don Draper on Mad Men. While that is a serious role, I’ve seen Hamm in a comedic environment and think he is quite good in what should be an unconventional role for him. He’s really wasted in this. A lot of the film is composed of jokes or moments that do not elicit laughs. Galifianakis is good when he is working with the right material but even he can’t bring any smiles here. Gadot is seriously a gorgeous marvel. I’m so glad she’s Wonder Woman as I think she will excel in her own film. Her amazonian beauty is on full display here. Isla also looks great as she always does. I’ve gone into complementing actresses because that’s how bland this film is.

I’m going to keep this short as this film doesn’t warrant an introspective analysis. The verdict- skip it. A so so idea, that never takes off. Its a shame because the film boasts a talented cast who really tried. The one real positive I can see from this is Gadot is in more things and is becoming a big star with every role.


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