Cruella (2021)

Cruella I don’t plan on going to the theaters that often this year but this is one that I was hyped to see. I do love seeing Emma Stone. Really think shes one of the best actresses going today and … Continue reading Cruella (2021)

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph Breaks the Internet It’s taken a  few years but original filmmaker, Rich Moore and the original screenwriter Phil Johnston return to bring the sequel to a fairly beloved first film. I liked the creativity that was put into the original and enjoyed it more than some of Pixar’s work actually. The sequel is something where I didn’t know what to expect but was going to check out just because. I don’t think Ralph Breaks the Internet is as good as the first film but much like the first film the film keeps busy and has enough pop culture and … Continue reading Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)