Missing (2023)

review of Missing (2023).


Do we possibly have a new cinematic universe upon us? I really did enjoy Aneesh Chaganty’s Searching when I first saw it in theaters. It was a unique way of presenting a film, fully told through various technological devices including the laptop, security cameras, messenger apps, texts etc. It was an effective way of telling a story about the whereabouts of a missing daughter. Not just for its gimmick, the story was entertaining. Maybe a tad bit predictable through the way but the film did convey its twists and turns fairly well. Missing is by different filmmakers, however the story exists as a standalone sequel and the stories of the two films have slightly correlating stores. Although Searching is the better film Missing still makes for a fun time, even if it went for bigger and less believable ideas and shocks.

The film is about a young girl named June Allen who realizes her mom and boyfriend mysteriously go missing while on a vacation in Colombia. While trying to figure out what happened and getting help from friends and strangers she finds out the mystery of what happened to her mother runs deep. It is a story of shock and murder. I’m not getting into everything but expect another fully told story through social media and technological devices. The film stars Storm Reid, Nia Long, and Ken Leung.

The film obviously comes with something that can seem gimmicky. I expect more films of the future to follow suite after Searching and Unfriended. I actually don’t mind different forms of storytelling. I’ve seen it work already so as long as the script is clever, it” work. For the most part the script does hold up. There are many parallels to Searching, so be ready for that. The main issue is how parts of the film feel like they “jump the shark.” Large plot points become almost entirely unbelievable. With that come bigger twists, which had me rolling my eyes or laughing.

As with many other films, this one will require a giant suspension of belief. The protagonist in the film is also a little too smart in figuring clues out, which also tests the believability of the picture. The main positivity here comes from it just being a fun time at the cinema. If you’re going to be stupid at least be entertaining. I fully expect more films in this direct universe. The quality will probably dip even more but for now I’m in.



One thought on “Missing (2023)

  1. Missing is a standalone sequel that tells a mystery story through various technological devices.

    Missing is a fun time at the cinema, even if it went for bigger and less believable ideas and shocks.
    Great PostThanks for a great post


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