We Summon The Darkness (2020)

We Summon The Darkness

I just heard about this film recently but I wanted to check it out because the posters looked cool and the premise sounded interesting. A film with heavy metal groupies mixed with cultish deaths due to satanism? Count me in. This film isn’t a great film in terms of quality or unique in the ground that it treads but its entertaining for its hour and a half running time and I liked it. I’ll even go as far as to say its a fairly re-watchable film.

The film is about three female groupies driving to a rock concert. They have an incident on the road with three young men and they befriend the group. They rock out and party but there have been recent murders going around with young Satan worshipers being slain. The groups involved in the film become directly involved with these grizzly murders. its hard to describe this without giving away key points so I’ll stop there. This film stars Alexandra Daddario, Amy Forsyth, and Austin Swift (Taylor Swift’s younger brother which was surprising).

Daddario really got a chance to chew the scenery and put on a hammy performance and I loved it. You know the film has a twist coming and while some may see it coming, it doesn’t take away from a fun time. At times, the family is humorous in its dialogue but it mostly plays out as a serviceable thriller with horror elements. Johnny Knoxville is in the film as well but has a very minimal role. Th characters and the costumes and style are also fun to watch, its so over the top at times.

This film offers nothing we haven’t seen before and other films have certainly done it better. With that said its a short and simple film that requires very little to no brainwork, which works as a good popcorn film. Sometimes you can keep it really simple and entertain, that’s the beauty of cinema. I also like Amy Forsyth after her starring in Hell Fest, she has the tools to be a new class of Scream Queen for sure if she keeps it up.



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