Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)


Kiki’s Delivery Service

I got HBO Max on premiere day for one reason: The Studio Ghibli films. I have probably seen only three or four in my life but had to check out the rest. I decided to go in order of release and experience them all. I will probably update the blog here with reviews (not of all of the films but the ones I really liked). Kiki’s Delivery Service is already up there. Its so simple, cheery, and all around an unbelievably fun time. The last three Ghibli films I’ve seen have been stellar.

The film is about a young witch who is becoming independent, so she moves out of home with her friend (a talking cat) and tries to find her calling. While initially struggling to find a place to stay she finds residence with a nice lady at a bakery and gets a job delivering items to customers and running errands. The fact, that she can fly on a broomstick makes the task easy. However, managing time and responsibility become an issue along with the feeling of self doubt.

The animation in this film is so rich, vibrant, and timeless. Its a huge strength when the animation is so gorgeous and wondrous. Kiki is an identifiable character. She’s positive and learning her way in the world. She is learning to become responsible, self sustaining, and learning to let people in. She has a conflict trying to believe in herself and her powers dissipate. You get the traditional imagination as you would see with a Miyazaki film and swift writing. Its such a simple film to follow and digest but it brings joy seeing it.

I have been impressed with everything I’ve seen so far. In the interest of time I won’t be reviewing all. I will say that I greatly enjoyed Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky. Well written and politically and socially relevant. I will write reviews for Grave of the Fireflies (which was absolutely depressing) and My Neighbor Totoro (which was absolutely charming).



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