The Lovebirds (2020)


The Lovebirds

It has been a long while since my last review. I’ve been watching movies daily but mostly re-watching from my media collection and watching older films. I might come around to reviewing some on here. Earlier this year (in a much more peaceful and serene time) I saw trailers for The Lovebirds all the time. I wanted to watch it because it looked funny. So when the studio put it on Netflix, I was happy. I think its a good idea to just do that for the time being with more films because we don’t know long the cinemas will be closed.

The film is about a couple that are having a rocky relationship. One day while arguing they are witnesses to a violent murder. However, they look culpable after fleeing the scene. Now they are on the run from the cops while also trying to find out how to clear their name. They uncover what goes on and its funny along the way. The film stars two film stars whose stock keeps going up, Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae. I had a great time with this. The jokes come and go and sometimes they miss but the film offers an entertaining escape.

The thing that is most prevalent is the chemistry between the two leads. They play off each other so well and their commitment to the film is something that I would consider a strength. Nanjiani and his humor is better than ever in this and I felt the light hearted tone of the film really helps the film no matter how crazy their night gets. I think the films ending could perhaps have been written better but as a whole its a fun time. Also, nice to see Paul Sparks get a formidable villain role after seeing him as slimy Mickey Doyle on Boardwalk Empire.

I’m a fan of the lead pairing and hopefully we get to see something else with them both together because it was good fun. The uncertainty of where film is going is troubling so it feels good to watch a new release, I want to see more of this. Especially with films that don’t quite require that big screen experience. Watch this film if you want a comedy that works fine.



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