The Gentlemen (2020)


The Gentlemen

I think people were relatively shocked when Guy Ritchie directed the live action Aladdin last year, as it didn’t seem like something that he would do. I liked that film but am selective about Ritchie’s filmography. The Gentlemen boasts an incredible cast of suave gentlemen who know to smoke and drink in style. Its a loud and abrasive effort which is at times hard to follow but fans of Ritchie’s British gangster films will eat this one up for sure.

The film is about a man with a cannabis empire and the people around him that want to attain it. The men get into odds with one another and things get violent. A lot of the film is told in an unorthodox way (mostly through a conversation between Charlie Hunnam and Hugh Grant). The film stars a multitude of stars who include Grant, Hunnam, Matthew McConaughey, Jeremy Strong, Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, and Colin Farrell.

The performances are what make the film for me. Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell particularly are absolutely brilliant and memorable characters. The dark and often times offensive humor works very well for the most part. There’s many c*nt words thrown out there and racial insults so be ready for that. My main issue with the film was the manner in which the plot was told. For me, no matter how much I attempted to follow it was easy to get lost in thee intricacies of what went on in the story.

I think on a re-watch I would be able to appreciate this film more once I try to work out all of what goes on. I think if you liked Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels then you will find enjoyment out of The Gentlemen as it is in the same neighborhood. I appreciated the style and suaveness of the actors involved in the film but struggled to feel the impact that I hoped it would offer.


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