Bad Boys For Life (2020)


Bad Boys For Life

Its been 25 years since the first Bad Boys came out. A quarter of a century. That is absolutely insane. The first film also happens to be the film that brought Michael Bay into the film making world, for better or for worse. I as excited, albeit a little cautiously optimistic about this latest installment. Its the first to not be directed by Bay but the trailer for this looked funny. Bad Boys For Life turns out to be a fun time, really strengthened by the two leads and their chemistry.

The film follows detectives Mike and Marcus. They are older now and are thinking about family and retirement. Mike does not want to admit that age and retirement is something they should consider but decisions in that matter become prevalent when a new threat emerges. Mike is attacked by a mysterious assassin who immediately becomes a threat to the pair. With the help of a younger police force team named AMMO, the Bad Boys make one last stand.

Side note, I kept thinking “damn who is that hot chick in AMMO?” Only after the film was over did I realize it was Vanessa Hudgens, boy she looked different here. Anyways, the film’s action set pieces are set up very well. Its not as relentless or nauseating like a Bay film. The plot and writing is not all there and I feel like it could have used a stronger sense off plot third act and onwards. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are typically great in this. The humor and chemistry between the two has not lost a bit and it brings an air of nostalgia .

The truth is, the two characters are growing up and its nice to see the two deal with these changes that comes with aging. They aren’t who they used to be but boy do they come damn close with all the action involved. This is a surprisingly entertaining time at the movies, which is the best you can hope for. There’s been some bad stuff out in January 2020 but finally I see something that lives it up. Bad Boys for Life.


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