Like A Boss (2020)


Like a Boss

Tiffany Haddish can be hit or miss in film depending on the writing. She worked in Girls Trip and Nobody’s Fool but other times its not as good. I wanted to see this pairing of Haddish and Rose Byrne together. I didn’t expect a whole lot from this film but this was quite a bad film. I kept checking the clock out of boredom despite the film being super short at 83 minutes. That’s never a good sign. January films at its worst with this “comedic” effort.

The film is about two best friends who are also business owners as make up artists. However, the pairs’ business has been barely surviving for months until a huge make up empire comes to buy their company and make them rich. However, the pair collide with each other as this new business collaboration makes them have to change how they’ve done things while sacrificing their art for their success. Their long standing friendship is put to the test and the two must decide how to move forward while considering their business success.

The laughs are unfortunately minimal here. I think the two leads are good in comedic roles and had decent chemistry, however the writing for them just let them down bad. The film was barely funny.  There is a barrage of sex and vagina jokes when it starts and you wonder if its actually funny. There are some important albeit somewhat cliche messages here about following your heart and being yourself but everything just feels so let down by the comedy.

The film then goes through motions and does a lot of predictable moves. I haven’t cared much about the work of Miguel Arteta but he did a terrible job with this film. The cast try their best, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Coolidge included but this one was a stinker. Its okay, only three more weeks left in the month notorious for bad films.



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