Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)


Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Apart from having one of the best titles of a film all year, I really wanted to see this because it just screamed end of the year awards. This is my favorite time of the year when it comes to films because you get to see a bulk of Award worthy contenders in a short span of time and this film was top of the list. Its a memorable film with plenty of imagery and lasting presence of a wonderful romance.

The film is about a painter that is tasked with painting a portrait of a young woman. The reason for the portrait is so it can be sent to a suitor for marriage. However, the woman does not want to get married and no previous painter had been successful in painting her. The pair strike up a friendship after a while which soon becomes a romantic relationship which must be kept under wraps from the woman’s mother.

The films cinematography is rich and lush and its a joy to watch the film. With each stroke done on canvas in the film you can feel the depth of the story, the emotional weight of the characters and the love affair between the two lead characters. This film really reminded me of Carol, which I loved. I also hope that it should have as much of a lasting effect as well.

Sometimes life happens and you are tasked with growing up and things that are beloved are only temporary. That is the case with the love affair in this film. Its so memorable though, the images seen from the main characters point of view stay in the mind. This is a smart little film that shows how a relationship can grow and even endure long after in the  most subtle of ways. This is the best foreign language feature I’ve seen this year after Parasite.



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