Knives Out (2019)


Knives Out

A lot of people had issues with Star Wars: The Last Jedi but I absolutely loved it. Then again, I’ve rated Rian Johnson since he came onto the scene with Brick and later followed up with a smart science fiction thriller in Looper. Knives Out by trailer didn’t look lik anything amazing although a “whodunnit?” is always fun. Reviews seemed very positive and it is all warranted. This one comes with a unique way of solving the crime and its humor and ensemble cast make for an entertaining watch.

The film is about the death of a very wealthy novelist. Initially, his death is deemed to be a suicide but a renown detective with a bizarre southern accent named Benoit Blanc is suspicious and thinks that the man was murdered by his family. His family members appear to be hiding more than they seem and clues come one by one. However, its not a simple case of murder and the circumstances leading to the death are very unique and no as forward as it seems. Interestingly enough, Ana de Armas takes a huge role here as a lead character.

I think the film should be commended for its storytelling. Its not like other films where you have to wait till the end to make your decision on who the culprit was. In a way the film is more transparent than that but also still very elusive. The hallmark of a good film is how its just engaging throughout through a sharply written script that thrives on its humor and call backs to films of the past in the same genre. I loved seeing de Armas in a lead role. Wanted to see a lot more of her ever since Knock Knock. Daniel Craig also turns in a memorable performance.

This is definitely worth a watch also for its truly great ensemble cast. None of the family are particularly likeable and its supposed to be that way. Whatever grudges you may have had against Johnson for The Last Jedi should be freshly bowled over because Knives Out is a smartly entertaining film that is capping of a rather great year in film. Impressive stuff.



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