Last Christmas (2019)


Last Christmas

Bring on the Christmas movies. It is officially the holiday season so of course we are going to get some festive themed films. I actually forgot that Paul Feig was the director of this. He’s a fairly good filmmaker and I like his work for the most part. I also wanted to see Emilia Clarke take a lead role where she could dabble in comedy. Also, the film features songs by George Michael which felt kind of weird to me just because the music is just kind of there and not strongly linked to the story.I thought the film was decent, entertaining when it needs to be but it goes through predictable cliches.

The film is about a woman who is going through a bit of a crisis in London during the holiday season. She’s at odds with her family, has no place to stay, has trouble going on at work, and is a former singer who is struggling to find her break. She one day meets a mysteriously charming man who enables her to appreciate the spirit of giving and also the enchanting world that they live in. The two soon form a very close connection although she strives to get closer to the man, although it seems impossible.

Emma Thompson as a Yugoslavian mother is on point and funny. There is good humor around the film and a lot of the entertainment in this film can be attributed  to the charm and spirit that Emilia Clarke brings. I don’t think she always acts well as Daenarys Targarean on Game of Thrones but she had this role figured out. The music of George Michael is nice I guess although to me it seems more random than a tribute to him.

I think the films major third act is predictable early on and I kind of saw the events coming. Not that it wasn’t done well, there just wasn’t really a shock factor to events that transpire because it seems quite obvious a little of the way through. The film brings the Christmas cheers and holiday emotions in droves though and this can became a holiday time favorite for many.



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