Don’t Let Go (2019)


Don’t Let Go

Alas, one of the slowest weeks of film releases of the year is here; Labor day weekend. I saw the trailer for Don’t Let Go maybe once and it looked intriguing for the time traveling aspect. The film tries and you know it although it gets too convoluted than it can afford as it goes along. However, the strength of the performances primarily that of David Oyelowo is what makes for a semi entertaining watch.

The film is about a detective who finds out that his niece and her parents are dog are violently murdered. While, initially the police try to push the father killing his family and then committing suicide, the detective questions the authenticity of these events. One day, he gets a mysterious call from his dead niece and puts together the fact that she is in the past before the murder and somehow their worlds are linked. He must now find a way to protect her and find a way to change her doomed path.

I have to reiterate how good David Oyelowo is in this, probably the best performance I’ve seen from him yet. I like the idea although the uneven nature of the film and the fact that the events become too dense, stop the film from every really a great watch. Its an audacious concept but one that does not work at all times here. However, I like the chemistry and connection of the two leads despite them not having  a lot of screen time together.

Another aspect of the film that I quite liked was the score. The film definitely does try and it has successful segments. Its a bit of a slow burn with a twist that doesn’t really hit the mark but its still a fairly enjoyable watch, which is fine with me for a film I had no real expectations for in the first place. I’m just counting down til It: Chapter Two.


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