Ready or Not (2019)


Ready or Not

Hide and seek gone terribly wrong. That’s basically the premise for this film. It looked like it could be an extravagant little affair but at the same time looked like a film that could be awfully disappointing. By now, you know me and know that I don’t turn down seeing any film and will watch pretty much anything. Ready or Not was no exception. I did enjoy the theme and gory cat and mouse for the most part in this film although the film does drag itself down when it tries to delve too much into its characters.

The film is about a recently married couple, where the bride is spending the wedding night with her husbands mysterious but rich family. The family proposes to honor an age old tradition and play a game where the bride draws a card and they fulfill the game. She draws “hide and seek” which turns out to be a bloody, murderous game where the bride must hide as members of her in law family try to murder her before dawn to avoid a curse that will occur to them.

The film delivers on its dark humor, gothic mansion setting, and humor here and there which is great because its what the film needs. Samara Weaving is a star in the making and I’m all for it. She is a character you back to escape and she really gets into the element that the role requires. The film brings a good amount of blood and violence which will satisfy those looking for an entertaining thriller. The film does spend too much time trying to have moments of “emotion” between characters and its winded and feels like it.

The film becomes utterly ridiculous as it goes along but its hard to look away. Its a different type of film and I had a pretty good time with it which is all I could hope for from a B movie that only exists to be humorous, violent fun. If you want a fun tale of survival over the course of a night then this will do the trick. Just don’t expect anything amazing. Side note, its nice to see Adam Brody from The O.C. all grown up.


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