Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I read the collection of stories this film is based on earlier this year (all three volumes) and its a very memorable read. The illustration and the profound effect of some of the short stories; its no wonder why a film based on these stories was made. I see that they went with a structured linear story with the events based on the book happening to the main core of characters. A perfectly fine approach. There are dull moments here and there but overall its a good teen horror with some very memorable monster imagery.

The film is about a group of friends that go to a haunted house on Halloween and find a book based on scary stories that the troubled girl who used to live there wrote. The protagonist of the film brings the book back with her and soon realizes that the book writes live stories about her friends. These stories occur in real life and her friends start dying one by one. She must figure out how to stop these terrible events from happening and understand the dark mystery of the books owner.

The film doesn’t utilize what I think are the best stories in the book but the creation of the monsters from some of them was remarkable. Its unnerving and creepy at times. The films main core story and characters do get dull and boring at times which makes you crave the more horrific moments. When they come they deliver. The film is quite clearly marketed at the younger audience but has enough good scares to make it a fun experience.

As an adaptation of a popular book this works fine, which is refreshing. Its not a perfect film and could have been better but for what we get there a re a few great memorable scenes. This could very well be a Halloween time staple for some although probably not for me. Id say it gets the job done and captures some of the mystery, imagery, and intrigue that makes the book so special.


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