Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Hobbs and Shaw 2019 Dual Audio Hindi.jpg

Hobbs & Shaw

If in the year 2001, you told me that the Fast and The Furious would one day create a very successful franchise spawning nearly ten films, I would not have believed you. Fast forward almost twenty years and that is exactly the case. Furthermore, the main series gets a spinoff with two side characters. Apart from having one of the most awful titles to a film this year, I had no real interest for this. Expected a cheesy and improbable action film that is meant to be a popcorn fling. It does all of that but its nothing very spectacular.

The unlikely of duos pair up when a rogue agent starts terrorizing the whole place. The thing about this foe is that he is equipped with cyber-genetic technology which makes him damn near invisible because with his suit he is basically bulletproof, super strong, and can anticipate attacks in the blink of an eye. Hobbs and Shaw also team up with Shaw’s sister (played by Vanessa Kirby) as they set their differences aside to take on a common and powerful enemy.

The Rock and Jason Statham are two of the biggest action stars going today no doubt. Their performances and chemistry is good for the most part. I think a lot of times the jokes fell flat and their bickering back and forth could have used more effective writing. There is action all over the place, which seeps into a very weak plot. Its ridiculous at times, you well and truly have to turn your brain completely off to be able to see this as a mindless action film.

It is just that and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just felt like it was overlong and dragged at points. A film like this can be shorter by a half an hour and be just as effective. But hey, there are some nice cameos and the leads go for it in this ridiculous but mostly self aware film. I just hope this isn’t setting up to be a side series of its own. I think this is certainly the weakest thing from David Leitch but I suppose it gets its purpose done.



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