Stuber (2019)



At first I thought that the film had such a dumb name. Then I was like okay, the guy’s name is Stu and he drives an uber. Makes sense, still dumb. This is the first time I see Batsita getting a lead role. These WWE wrestlers making the transition to films has been a successful thing so far when you consider The Rock and John Cena. I think Kumail Nanjiani is a mixed bag in films but I really liked the chemistry between Kumail and Batista and thought this film was a fun ride.

The film is about a hardened cop who recently got lasik eye surgery and cannot see anything throughout the day. It just so happens that on this day, a criminal he has been tracking for a while is scheduled to be at a drop and the cop needs to track him. he contacts an uber driver and the two go on a comedic but very dangerous journey together and get to learn deep secrets about the case and also get on each other’s nerves along the way.

Firstly, I’ve read a lot of critics slating this film. I disagree with almost everything I’ve read in reviews. This was a very funny and entertaining time. Nainjiani and Batista are not only funny but they play off each other so well. The film knows how to take in its audience and keep you consistent laughter flowing. Sure, the plot treads grounds we have seen before. This isn’t a would be Oscar nominated film though, lighten up. Its a very funny buddy cop film with a duo that could be fun to watch in future things.

I would say the writing for Betty Gilpin’s character was bad. She is portrayed as a woman who keeps dating bad men and then has a plot of just wanting to have sex before her character just fades away. Shout out to Kevin from Shameless in this and having some great screen presence. What more can I say, without a critical lens, its a roaring good time at the cinema. Exactly, what you would expect from this type of film. These two leads will be in many more things.


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