Annabelle Comes Home (2019)


Annabelle Comes Home

The Conjuring Universe, can you believe it has gotten as far as it has? Neither can I. Some of the films in the film like the first two Conjuring films are quite entertaining, sure, but the rest of the series is littered with fairly bad horror movies. The Annabelle series kind of redeemed itself with a decent second entry but no one really wanted a third film, surely. Somehow, there is one and the movie addict in me was going to see it just to complete all the films in the Universe. This third entry (within the most needless universe of films), sucks.

The film starts with the famous paranormal investigators taking the Annabelle doll and bringing it to their home. A year after this occurs, their daughter and her babysitter and friend get caught up in the terrors brought on by Annabelle, when the doll is released from behind sacred glass. The film barely features the Warrens, if that’s a selling point for you. However, it does star a young and talented actress in McKenna Grace. The film i the directorial debut of Gary Daberman who wrote the other Annabelle films and The Nun.

Its time to wrap these films up. This film has the most predictable and absolutely mind-boggling slow set ups. The film wastes so much time trying to build atmosphere that is becomes irritating and turns you away. I get a jump scare here and there but its ineffective if we can see them coming and also if it relies on being loud and super slow to shock viewers. There is actually very little going on storywise apart from introducing new characters or entities to build future films on, which is infuriating to me.

The film needed more time to really build on its characters rather than slow cheap scares. The good horror films these days rely on an intriguing story and making you think about what you just saw (take Hereditary for example). You will forget about Annabelle 3 as soon as you leave the theater. Rest assured, there will be more films. As long as its a cash cow they will keep going and the quality will keep dropping.


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