Anna (2019)



Extremely generic name aside, I was ready to see Luc Besson’s newest entry. It looked like a mix of Red Sparrow and Atomic Blonde and its the type of female led badass film that I look forward to. Valerian (Besson’s last film) was absolutely abysmal so Besson really needed this to work. There are things I like about Anna, mostly the style and Sasha Luss’s portrayal of Anna, but the plot is just all over the place and so ridiculous. I wanted to like this more but Besson messes this up at many stages.

The film is about a Russian spy who becomes a model and then starts moving towards her targets. She’s very good at what she does but is overworked and has never really found freedom in her life. in the midst of working for the KGB she is contacted by the CIA and must then find out where her allegiance in love and career lie. The film also stars Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy. Sasha Luss is a star though. Obviously, a wonderful looking model but also someone who may have a future in the acting business.

The action doesn’t really fail and the film is a lot more entertaining because of the lead we have but it never really gets into gear and takes off. First, the jumping timeline really screws with the narrative of the film and it really messy. The film becomes ridiculous when it keeps going back to earlier events and show how it really occurred. Bad twist after twist, we’ve seen it all before in the lowest quality of spy films. It mostly feels like an uninspired film by Besson who is off the rails recently with his work. The film only needed to be serviceable and it barely does that.

Also, I see a trend of Besson getting young hot models in the hopes of showing how badass they are but they are usually sexualized in the film as well. Just my observation. I was fairly hyped for this film because I like this type of venture. I like women led action films but this one isn’t something that leaves a good impression or even a general impression at all. Had to role my eyes on how independent they try to make Anna but how she gets held up with the love for two men along the way. Definitely, needed to be better than this.



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