Better Watch Out (2017)


Better Watch Out

Well its definitely not the time of the year for this type of film but my local library finally got Bluray’s so why not? I did want to see this but admittedly didn’t know a whole lot about it. i think if you go in not having seen the trailer you are in for a very good ride. This one is cliched and has a lack of events I guess but its such a super fun movie and one of the better holiday themed horror films I’ve seen.

The film is about a babysitter who takes care of a twelve year old as she normally does. He has a crush on his babysitter and soon over a night of trying for her affection, she founds out that the kid is absolutely deranged and he holds her hostage as he attempts to act out his psychopathic tendencies. All this, set within the  time frame of the holiday season. The film stars Olivia DeJonge and Levi Miller.

The film has violent events but shies away from showing the bloody moments. Levi Miller does a great job as a villainous little twerp. You will absolutely despise this kid and its a testament to how good he portrays his character. The film kind of hits the notes of what you would see in a horror film of the sort but the fact that it veered towards being more of a dark comedy is what makes it stand out for me.

I don’t know if other people will like this as much as I did. Maybe I was just really in the mood to experience a holiday themed horror in the dead of summer. I think the cast really do a good job of carrying the film and if you don’t know about the twist that the trailer shows its even better (which was the case for me). I like these niche horror films, it excelled in what it needed to do and was a cracking good time.


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